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There’s always that one person at work that has emergency supplies in her/his desk or at their workstation.  We all search them out in times of “how did I spill tea on my collar” and “yikes I have a huge meeting and I just ate a sesame seed delight”–I need floss STAT. And while the word emergency is debatable- having the supplies that you need—when you need them— is like winning the small lottery.

I’m not ashamed to say the emergency kit provider at my work is me.  Huzzah! And the reason is this. I like to be prepared and hate when I’m not. I have no time to run to the store or even run to the car. And I like to share the love!  After years of perfecting my emergency kit, I really have it down to a science.  Here’s what it includes and why.  I dare say this kit is not that expensive (hence the frugality) and totally worth its weight in gold my friends.

What Items to Add to your kit for Under 30 Dollars!

  • Medicine– I keep acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacid tablets and a decongestant. I keep a full bottle of the acetaminophen and ibuprofen because that gets used most (disclaimer…the full size ones weren’t included in my 35 dollar bag but I wanted to be honest as to what I really have) The other stuff I buy travel size packs.  Tip: write the “out-dates” on the outside with permanent marker. (3 dollars)
  • Floss– a full size. This gets used lots.  I also keep one of those toothbrushes that you get at the dentist on your check-up.  Obviously a one-time one-use item; but it’s awesome to have when you need it. (0.99 dollars)
  • A spot detergent and/or a bleach pen. I like the Tide Stick and the Clorox Bleach Pen.  Those babies have saved me more than once let me tell you. (2.99 for one pen)
  • Elastics and bobby pins. These have become the Holy Grail especially with the people that go to the gym after work and have packed their clothes but forgot hair accessories. (4 dollars)
  • Body spray– I keep the travel body sprays and use them in my kit. Cheap and easy. (free)
  • A compact hair brush– it’s small and easy to keep clean by taking the brush part out and running it under hot water or with alcohol if you’re a clean freak like me. (free from market swag)
  • Eye drops– I buy the travel size of this too. It gets used in my office for blemishes more than anything else- apply with a Q-tip for non-contamination. (1 dollar)
  • Nail kit- I found a cute all in one nail kit shaped like a flip flop and immediately snagged it for my kit. It has everything you would need including tweezers.  Also it was 0.99 on clearance….score! (0.99 dollars)
  • Clear nail polish– for nails and also for nylon runs. (1.00 dollar at the dollar store)
  • Deodorant wipes– And yes these work. They work like a charm actually. Also I keep a travel-size for just me. (2 dollars)
  • A sewing kit– don’t laugh. I’ve used up more than one of these at work.  They usually come with various threads, a needle, a button and a safety pin.  Props to whoever invented this masterpiece. (2 dollars)
  • Fashion tape– that double sided material that can literally stop a wardrobe malfunction. ( 4 dollars)
  • Lint roller– a small one for the kit (2 dollars)
  • Dry shampoo– ummmm no explanation needed here right? (3 dollars)
  • Band-Aids– for small cuts and can be used as fashion tape if needed (3 dollars for a three pack!)

I grabbed this great mini emergency kit at Sephora on a whim (because who doesn’t love organized fashion?).  This fits so easily in your purse and it has so many items and life-saving treasures. It makes a brilliant gift idea and it’s very affordable as well!



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