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Disclosure Statement


Here’s the non-fun page where you can read all the non-fun words for my non-fun disclaimer, discloser and privacy policy for If you have questions regarding all this non-fun stuff- please contact me at as the privacy and other knowledge (although I poke fun) for and of my viewers is held at the highest of regards.


Oh, so you want to really read the super non-fun stuff? Well then, I should have an entertaining page at least right? is a personal lifestyle blog and therefore all content on it is of my own personal opinion(s) which may change at any given time (um hello I used to think scrunchies were like gold for example). I am writing posts that are what I think of things (in all my lovely categories: Library, Inspiration, Loot, Activity, and Cultivate) - not anyone else’s ideas. This means I’m not representing anyone but myself since I am so great and all. Any post I write is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure anything.

Every post is a labor of little love and in the blogging world; it’s not super kosher to steal stuff. Actually it’s not cool to steal stuff in general now that I think of it! Come on everyone! You know it’s wrong. The internet is vast and wide and we should all be friends. Linking back to my blog is super easy and honestly the right thing to do. Also, all the images on here are mine and thus property of

I anxiously await getting emails that let me know I have comments…seriously it’s like my birthday every second! But, I have the right to delete anything that I don’t like (negative, rude, slanderous, spammy, riddled with severe grammar errors, etc). I wish I were more suave with this, but hey it’s my blog and if you’d like to do it differently- by all means start your own! Also, I am not responsible or liable for the content of comments in any shape or form. I provide links to other sites for sharing purposes only and I’m not responsible for those sites’ privacy policies or rules. This blog originates from the United States of America, and if you’re from somewhere else (first off yay for even being on here- high five to me) please look up your own rules/policies/guidelines where applicable since I cannot fathom looking at all that legalese. I’m tired and weary just thinking of it.


Onto more super non-fun words that are literally my least favorite post to write yet… but here’s more for the gluttons out there. is a newly-born personal lifestyle blog and is evolving every day. It’s a great, fun outlet for me! But, if I get to make some dough (yes I mean money here) to buy gummy bears or whatever else I can think of, via advertising etc then so be it!

In all my fun blogging books, they tell me I should state my intentions saying that I may eventually use advertising at some time so there it is. I may use affiliate marketing, sponsorship's, partnering and other advertising but this will only be to things that I like and use and want you to too (too many toos’s?). Unless otherwise clearly stated, these things are still of my own personal opinions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Even if I get free stuff (yes let’s bring that on!), it won’t change or alter my honest thought(s). I will also link to social media sites as well. Hello, selfies!


Almost done everyone! As with most bloggers, subscribing to my blog is like the yin to the yang. I will use tools that will compile email lists for newsletters and for traffic purposes, etc. For those of you who don’t know why I just said traffic, well that is the magic word for how the internet controls how bloggers get ratings. I won’t sell your personal information or anything like that to third parties of course! Gross! These sites/tools use other information (like your email) to send you things that are hopefully of interest to you. They also make my life so, so much easier and less cluttered. Such a win-win.

Now I get to say that I have the right to change any and all of these non-fun words at any time with or without notice. Man, do I feel powerful! Hope you enjoyed my ethics page for See you all on the blog!

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