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About KML

"For the woman who truly does it all."

This message is delicately inscribed on a card enclosed with a wonderful gift I received on Mother’s Day last year. And, I ponder…is this true? Am I that person? I’m honored; astonished even at this sentiment. Wow, I sound pretty darn awesome! Being a wife, mom and healthcare manager sure can bring on the big “S” word (sshh don’t say stress) so I revel in this feeling for a bit. Because, most days I’m pretty sure a stiff wind will knock me down! And I am also fairly certain that I cannot be the only one out there feeling like this! But how do we manage it- this thing called life and still hold on to the essence of ourselves?

There are so many things to do during the day, during the week, during the month….wait what day is it and oh my goodness what did I plan for tomorrow? And, every morning the beat goes on! But even though I relish the roles that I chose, I am also eager to explore the other parts that make up--- well myself.

KellyMacLilac was born from these very ashes of the leftover days and tiring nights that we all experience (and some nudging from my super supportive husband of course)! A place where anyone can go to seek a little solitude, find great ideas, explore great book reads, discover fantastic products and share thoughts. All with a dose of personalized humor and sarcasm from yours truly! And to make reading on here a bit different, the LILAC portion is an acronym... nuances of all the shades of life shared by someone like you!


L is for LIBRARY

Everything happens for a reason right? I do believe in this sentiment; the universe has plans I tell you! But I truly subscribe to the idea that I was born in the right time. The time when books literally (yes, that’s a pun people) download in seconds, when movies are at the touch of a button, and when television is in its golden age. I feel like all media was a little bit tailored to me! I need, and I mean need books, movies, and television and I am not ashamed even for a millisecond. They’re my personal escape and also lots of date time with my husband now that we have a child.

In the LIBRARY section, I will talk about books, characters, movies, actors/actresses, shows, and anything else that tickles my fancy. A media extravaganza if you will. I have clear obsessions that I’m more than excited to share and I want input as well. Think of this section as a meeting place to discuss all the fun, juicy and exciting points that all types of media may evoke in us all.



Recently, I have begun to once again enjoy the nuances of existence. Smell the roses so to speak. This has taken some effort amidst the rat race and general craziness of life. But noticing these things are vital in enjoying your world. It could be a great saying, a fantastic image or a story of courage that can really make you feel something and appreciate your own circumstances.

INSPIRATION section is completely about anything that brings out the actual inspiration of life. Quotes, pictures, even quirks are all part of life and what makes it special. Things that speak to us, uplift us, motivate us; things that can make a long day more tolerable or a short day even more special, are all part of this category. And let’s not take ourselves too seriously too much of the time…humor and guilty pleasures are also included!


Second L is for LOOT

Products. Reviews. Loves and Likes. Suggestions. Items that are must-haves.

The LOOT section is all about these subjects and more. I’m all about finding great pieces and sharing them too. I love hearing a friend or a colleague share where they got that cool, unique “thing” and I love spreading the joy. Hey, we all have to be here and we might as well enjoy the ride right? Why not share our product finds and secrets with each other?



Just like every other person on the planet, I’m always searching for…well something. What’s the best way to clean marble counters? How can I make my child’s hair not be a tangled mess after the shower? Who has the best organic face wash? You know- stuff like that. With the internet at our fingertips- we are inundated with information and that’s so great.

But, in the ACTIVITY section you will find projects, how to’s, and other types of activity ideas that I enjoy, and want you to as well. There’s no reinventing the wheel here- just a common place to talk about things that are part of the average girl’s world.



CULTIVATION by definition means to develop, foster growth, or even refine. I thought there was no better work to describe this section (also it had to start with “C” for the whole LILAC thing to work of course). Friendship, advice, girl time, marriage chat, mom gossip…all part of the cultivation of society.

Sometimes, I find that there are hard topics to talk about that aren’t discussed enough too. Life is a jumbled puzzle and often we need help putting the pieces together. Friendship in all forms can assist each and every one of us in one way or another. I know my “girl’s nights” are essential for my sanity even if I do have to schedule them 3 months in advance. Fostering these relationships are completely vital and need recognition in the most important of ways.