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I have been on the hunt lately for some new, safe products to use. Following my chronic illness (read more about that here), I am attempting to eliminate as much “bad” from my life as possible. This includes products that I use on a daily basis.  I have also been doing a ton of reading and research, and I came across this brand name when I was reading The Wellness Project via author’s suggestions (read more about that here). I decided to grab a few and see how it went.

New “stuff” is always a gamble no matter how many reviews you read and what others say.  It really matters how you like the new items- and how they work for you.  On KellyMacLilac, I am honest as to what works for me and love to pass that information on. If it helps- hey that’s the goal!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! My new favorite product or shall I say products….Dr. Bronner’s!!! Not much of a surprise as clearly these are in the photo…but just let me have a moment ok? Alright I’m back. I grabbed most of these at Whole Foods but I’ll link all of them for you to the main site.


Every. Single. Product. I. Love. I mean, this NEVER happens.  NEVER!!! Therefore, I have to believe in the sentiment that you should never say never.  Here’s how it happened and what I think of each product.


I began with the 4-in-1 Lavender Organic Sugar Scrub (this literally has so many uses) and after loving the smell, the safeness and its awesome performance-I was hooked. Beware- it has a caramel color so not your average “soap” appearance, however, the soap works very well and leaves your hands smelling clean and slightly lavender. (note: this is this only scent I have tried- the bottle is lasting me forever).

I then proceeded to grab the 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap (pretty sure this may be able to summon world peace with all of the great things it can do) and  the Lavendar Organic Hand Sanitizer spray to see if the  sugar soap was a flash in the pan. Well, hello hello Dr. Bronner’s, it was not. I use the castile soap like a shower gel and the hand sanitizer on the daily (it’s a spray which I love and it sits in my purse perfectly).

Next, came the Peppermint Organic Shave Soap.  I was using a brand that discontinued its shaving gel and I was pretty disappointed.  Let’s just bring out all the idioms here and say Dr. Bronner’s hit the nail on the head with my favorite product of the bunch. Not only does this smell delicious, its formula has made my legs and underarms super-smooth and moisturized. I will note that I read on some reviews that people wished for different packaging due to the shave soaps consistency (it is not thick) and I actually agree.  A pump system would be a better fit in my opinion- but hey I can deal with this because of it’s outstanding performance.

Lastly, I grabbed a few Peppermint Organic Lip Balm at…wait for it…Target! Yes!  Target sells some of Dr. Bronner’s products!  To no ones surprise I fell in insta-love and now carry them in about 14 different plances- because umm hello New England gals need an abundance of lip care!  This formula is smooth, protective, and slightly fragrant.


Below you will find links to Dr. Bronner’s, Whole Foods, Target and Amazon for these great products! Click on the first one to read of all the great things the Dr. Bronner’s company produces and supports (spoiler alert this company is outstanding in so many ways)!

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