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I will not lie.  This book pick is not for the weak nor faint hearted. There aren’t many rainbows and flowers in this read. Please do not expect fluffy teddy bears and bright, shiny balloons.

Not really sure why I went down the yellow brick road there; but I will tell you one thing.  This book will stick with you.  Like, deep in your gut and in the depths of your soul. The author is superbly talented and she is able to guide you through a troubled story that will have you likely in tears (at least I was). I read it some time ago, and I still often think of it. I mean, pretty often. OK, so maybe every. Single. Day.

I am not going to say too much and give anything away- mainly because I abhor that- especially about this book.  However, I will say a love tale sits in the center.  Mixed in are side stories, life lessons and real-life horrors. Other adjectives that come to mind are: heart-wrenching, unforgettable, and sob-worthy (wait, is that a word?). In fact, I am putting an official warning on this book suggestion- probably best to read with caution as it has graphic content (in many different forms).  Now, if you’re the type to read actual book summaries- I will put a link below to help you out.



Title- It Ends With Us

Author- Colleen Hoover

Plot- As I mentioned above, I am not going to give much away.  However, here is a link if you must read an actual summary…click here. I feel this the absolute perfect book for fall.  A time for deep thoughts and darkness and ultimately hope when the seasons finally turn over.

If you read this and like it- please read the rest of Colleen’s (what- she’s totally my REAL friend guys) books.  They are all mind-bendingly awesome.  She is an absolute fave of mine.  Here is a link to her site for you.  And….you’re welcome.










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