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I finally broke down.  After basically realizing I was the only one without it- I caved. Yup, that’s correct- I bought a fitness tracker (more specifically a Fitbit ®- and no this review is not sponsored).

It wasn’t just the peer pressure- I’m too old and too tired for that malarkey.  I really wanted one for steps and sleep during my prolonged illness. I kept thinking I knew what I was doing…kinda. More importantly, I needed to know what I was doing for reports to my MD and for peace of mind.

After some researching (both online and with real people), I decided on the Fitbit Alta HR®. It was slim, had great options, and also had outstanding reviews. I also could interchange different bands (colors, styles etc) which was a great seller for me- I did not want to be stuck with just one color. Hello- do you know me?


YES. A resounding yes.  This product is comfortable, durable and easy to wear and use. I hardly realize it’s on and the battery lasts a bit more than a week without a charge. It tracks my steps (and I used my phone for a backup for a bit to see how accurate it was), calories, sleep, elevated activity, stairs, heart rate and it also acts as a watch (as a bonus its also waterproof). You can read all about it here– don’t just take my word for it.

This fitness tracker is activated by flicking my wrist or by tapping the face. Sometimes, I take it off for a few days to give my wrist a break (it recommends this in the instructions) but I’m not annoyed to wear it again (something I feel with certain watches or jewelry). And the data has been instrumental.  Especially the sleep feature- I can tell how much deep sleep and non-deep sleep I get.  The handy App you download makes it so easy to obtain information and to connect with fellow users- it’s all at your fingertips. You can even join groups via the App to help with motivation.


Well, I don’t know.  These trackers all have and do not have things that are fairly personal- meaning it depends on what you’re looking for. This one hit the mark for me- and I believe this tracker would check off a lot of boxes for most people. However, it’s always best to find one that is the right choice for you.



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