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Let’s go ahead and flip the script a bit.  This month, I’m going to recommend a book that I haven’t read yet.  What?!?  I know!!! This is pretty risky considering no one wants a recommendation that the person writing hasn’t experienced!!! Right?

Well, have no fear because this suggestions is hopefully a slam dunk!  I thought it would be fun to be part of the little reading group that has developed here on KML; maybe get some book club questions in the mix!

You have probably heard of this book once or twice.  I have seen it on the shelves and I keep thinking I have read it- but of course I have not.  It has gotten glowing reviews- and a fellow blogger just recently told me this is the book that she will read once every year for the rest of her life.  If that isn’t the best recommendation I do not know what is.


TitleAll the Bright Places

AuthorJennifer Niven

Plot– From what I have heard, this is a moving love story about two very different people who are in very different places. Apparently, they are both in bad places and that may be their bond.  All the Bright Places boasts astounding reviews and adjectives alike such as: heart- wrenching, moving, brave and beautiful. Couple the reviews with my fellow book lovers telling me “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS” and I’m 100 percent in.  Let’s read this together!



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