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  • the wellness project by phoebe lapine atop some kale and a teal placemat

Middle of the summer is here and that means time for a new book pick!  This month is a bit of a different choice for me…I hope you like the variety!

As most of you know, I am suffering either the longest case of mono ever and/or some autoimmune issues. Super fun!  I am trying to stay positive, but I have been humming “It’s a Hard Knock Life”  for months now. So, while scanning social media I saw this book and it piqued my interest. And then I saw it at my mecca, aka Barnes and Noble, and it seemed like fate. I plucked it from the shelves and now I pass it on to you.  It’s more of a self-help read rather than a fiction tale- but I think it’s worth its weight in gold…or at least kale!


Title: The Wellness Project

Author: Phoebe Lapine

What it’s about: Jump into all different facets of health with this witty, knowledge-packed book.  The author suffers from an autoimmune disease and uses that as a platform to discover many aspects of wellness.  This includes proving some sentiments and also disproving some common myths.  She writes in a humorous tone that is also laced with facts and it even includes recipes, suggestions, and appendices for quick reference!  Can someone say jackpot? Yes, me. The author also has a great blog here if you’re interested!

I loved her approach and loved this book.  I hope you will too!  Let me know your thoughts!


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