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There are moments in parenthood where I want to scream “please for the love of anything holy do not say one more word or make one more sound” and there are other moments where I think “ I cannot love you more- you are the absolute best”. But a moment I didn’t anticipate is how I would feel about letting my Little Diva go away for the night (or dare I say even more). Yes. THE SLEEPOVER. Letting your child leave your home is super difficult even if you did make 8 different choices for dinner and told them to pick up that toy at least 105 times.

When I was younger and wanted to sleep at a friends or a family member’s house, I was beyond excited. That night promised staying up late, eating fun snacks and endless hours of giggles. Being on the other side is a different story.  It’s more…”did they give her the allergy medicine and did I tell them she needs to snuggle before she will drift off to sleep”?


But have no fear I’m not too much of a helicopter mom! After a few tentative nights at the loyal grandparent’s homes I realized the upside of sleepovers. TIME ALONE!!! Whoo hoo my husband and I can go for a date! Better yet we can stay home, binge watch whatever we want and…and…wait for it…sleep in! It seems pretty obvious but this time is so important.  As much as I preach about “me time”— “our time” is just as crucial.

So now, (and lets not mention it may be the fact that she’s older) sleepovers are a welcomed event.  I can pack that suitcase faster than she can ask “Mom can I sleepover”. And ultimately I know it’s good for my Miss Little Independent child to not be attached to us at all times.  If we get asked to have her stay over, my husband’s eyes light up and I swear I saw him fist pump in the air last time. We love her of course…but we welcome the child-free zone!



  • Donna

    Written on June 19, 2017

    Aunties is always welcome. That was kind of funny and a little sad that you’re little little diva is growing way too fast.


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