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Every year when Mother’s Day is approaching I do two things. One- I plan and get my gifts for my Mother, my Mother in law and my husband’s Grandmother (yup she’s still with us at the young age of 104!), and two- I plan my “Me Day”.  Yes, you read correctly, I plan a day for myself.  Gasp!!! Oh the horror!

However, mothers are the best at NOT doing things for themselves right?  We sacrifice and bite our tongues and work until the day is night and the night becomes day.  We take care of the schedules, the school clothes, the play dates and the boo-boo’s. And some of us stay home and some of us work… and all of us are equal because we take care of other little human beings. I count myself super fortunate because I have the most supportive and awesomely helpful husband a girl could ask for.  We both pull our weight and sometimes it’s more him and sometimes it’s more me.  Compromise and teamwork are the only way it gets down in my house.  Added with that and a great secondary support system, I have it made in the shade with a glass of lemonade!

So, go ahead and ask.  With all this support, why I still plan a “Me Day”? Answer?  Even Moms need some  alone time: they need a break and they need to recharge.  Well at least this Mom does.  I know plenty of Mother’s that do not like this idea at all. In fact, some have vocalized this to me and that is ok! But, I rarely get a moment to myself.  Most days I’m fine with that.  But once and awhile, it is just pure nirvana to have some free moments and do something that I do not normally get to do. I love it.  I relish in it and I get excited planning it. Call me selfish, call me self-centered and call me greedy.  But also call me a happier Mom, a more tolerant Mom and a more relaxed Mom. Yep, I think I will continue this tradition! Here are my some former Mother’s “Me Days” listed below. (PS I don’t usually do these days on actual Mother’s Day….I’m too busy 🙂 )


  • Spa day– and I mean DAY. The whole sha-bang. It’s glorious.
  • Book tour– I go to the local bookstore…and wait for it- I browse. For like an hour. Then I get a calorie-filled drink and some food item that I won’t mention and I indulge like it’s my job.  Then I go to a quiet place and read. With no noise. Boom.
  • Hotel stay– one night if I’m lucky…and two if I’ve hit the lottery.
  • Movies– my husband gave me 12 movie vouchers one time as a gift. So I went to the movies 1 time a month for a whole year. Epic.




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