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  • Lauren Blakelys book Caught in us atop a furry grey blanket

Humor…Fun…Imagery…Adventure…Sizzle. Intrigued? Are you like me and love all of these components in your literature? Well, look no further because I have a present for you. Please allow me to introduce a favorite author of mine to my fellow read-a-holics. As I type this I just have so much to say, I hope I can accurately explain my obsession! She always (and I mean always) has the above listed characteristics in her books, and never disappoints her readers. Before you continue, let me tell you she is an adult contemporary author so her tales are for sure 18 plus stuff. But beware, once you start- you will want to devour all of material. You need to take a week off of work. And grab a million cups of coffee (or wine….or Shirley Temples) and of course some yoga pants. You are preparing for ride of your life.

Lauren Blakely

Ok, there it is. My adult contemporary obsession author. Sigh. Look her up ASAP if you were interested in the above paragraph where I gushed and gushed and can no way write as eloquently as Lauren. I’m going to go ahead and call her Lauren because I feel like she is that kind of author. The kind that makes you love her characters, her stories and her… let’s say her “je ne sais quoi”. Her books are fun, her books are humorous, her books are I-cannot-put-it-them-down. Laced with just the right amount of heat and passion, Lauren also weaves in fun recipes, tidbits of truly interesting information, and even tourist places that you will then long to see. I have laughed (so much), I have cried (also so much) and I have for sure looked forward to reading her pieces after a tough day. Lauren Blakely has it all wrapped up in each of her books.

Another Redeeming Quality…

Lauren Blakely has stand-alone books but she also has delicious series. And who doesn’t love a great series? Furthermore, she interconnects characters from one book to another (sometimes) so you always feel connected to your favorite character or characters. As a New York Times Best Seller, it’s easy to see why she has such a fantastic career and outstanding following. Lauren just knows how to capture you and keep you coming back for more.

March 15th Book Suggestion

Title: Caught Up In Us
Author: Lauren Blakely
I picked this book because it was the first one I read. I stumbled upon it a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. As you all know, I read all kinds of books and I also believe in books to heighten or either heal your mood. I have used her series in my Ladies Book Club and have gotten all my friends addicted to Lauren just as quickly as I was. So I invite you all into the world of Lauren Blakely. Welcome. You’re in for quite an experience.
Here are a few links to the Lauren Blakely world! Enjoy…PS she has a new release coming right around the corner!



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